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From L to R: Bob Speelman, Tara Dockery, Candace Williamson, Sarah Kern, Denise Bryant

October 26, 2017
NOTE: This story was taken from the blog of Bob Speelman, owner of Atlas Healthcare Solutions. Each week Bob works as a nursing assistant in one of his facilities to live out the company motto -- Supporting Superior Care.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend the day at Wellington Manor, our 80 bed skilled nursing facility in Hamilton, Ohio. Sarah Kern is the Licensed Nursing Home Administrator at Wellington, and she is making a wonderful impact! I got to work with three incredible caregivers: Candace Williamson and Tara Dockery, both state tested nursing
assistants, and Denise Bryant, the nurse on the unit. The three of them worked together on the unit wonderfully, and it was a joy to see. They also worked quickly. They kept me busy and time flew by!

Candace has two young children and Tara has four. They have sons that are the same age and play football together. It’s clear that their friendship is not just when they are working as a team, but also outside in the community. The love and care the three of them demonstrated toward the residents, not only on their unit, but throughout the facility made me proud to have them as employees. They knew their residents and we moved throughout each unit jumping in and assisting each other without having to ask. It was a real honor to be a part of their team. I love getting to work alongside such smart, talented people.

I’m finding that the good employees have a lot of things in common. They stay at a place because they develop a love and affection for their residents. They have a group of coworkers that they enjoy and respect. There is a leadership team at the facility that sees everyone as an integral part of the team, and no one person or department is more important than the other.

Candace and Tara both said to me that they loved Denise because she had been an nursing assistant for a while before becoming a Nurse, and she didn’t forget what it’s like to be on the STNA side of caregiving. She has her job to do, but she never hesitates to answer a call-light and jump in and help them when she can, and that means a lot. They both said the same thing about Sarah, the Administrator. They said she doesn’t just sit in her office. For a large part of the day, you can find Sarah out on the floor checking with the residents and staff, and making sure things are going well. They said she doesn’t walk by a room with a call light, or without checking to see what they need. And if it something she can do, she does it. They both said that means the world to them.

John Wooden once said, “Individuals who feel they don’t matter will perform their jobs as if they don’t count.” I know that Candace and Tara know they matter to Wellington Manor, and that is reinforced every day by Denise and Sarah. Wooden went on to say, ”The star of every successful team is the team. Individuals don’t win games, teams do. Finding the right players who put the interests of team ahead of their own. It also requires finding mature individuals who understand that what helps the organization ultimately helps them.”

Thank you Candace, Tara, Denise and Coach Sarah! I enjoyed my day playing on YOUR TEAM! I hope I do my part to help make our team better.

Bob Speelman, STNA

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